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Architecting OpenStack for Enterprise Reality 17

About Paul Miller
Paul Miller is an analyst and consultant, based in the East Yorkshire (U.K.) market town of Beverley and

working with clients worldwide. He helps clients understand the opportunities and pitfalls around cloud

computing, big data, and open data, as well as presents, podcasts, and writes for a number of industry

channels. His background includes public policy and standards roles, several years in senior management

at a U.K. software company, and a Ph.D. in Archaeology.

Paul was the curator for GigaOM Research’s infrastructure and cloud computing channel during 2011,

routinely acts as a moderator for Gigaom Research webinars, and has authored a number of underwritten

research papers such as this one.

About Gigaom Research
Gigaom Research gives you insider access to expert industry insights on emerging markets. Focused on

delivering highly relevant and timely research to the people who need it most, our analysis, reports, and

original research come from the most respected voices in the industry. Whether you’re beginning to learn

about a new market or are an industry insider, Gigaom Research addresses the need for relevant,

illuminating insights into the industry’s most dynamic markets.

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