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TitleApplying the Kingdom - Myles Munroe
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                            Title Page
Chapter One - First Things First
Chapter Two - The Danger of Misplaced Priority
Chapter Three - The Exclusiveness of the Divine Priority
Chapter Four - The Divine Priority Mandate
Chapter Five - The Power of Righteousness
Chapter Six - Righteous Positioning: The Key to Abundant Kingdom Living
Chapter Seven - The Benefits of Righteousness
Chapter Eight - The Kingdom Key to Accessing the Things of the Kingdom
Chapter Nine - The Kingdom Principle of Addition
Chapter Nine - Service: The Heart of Kingdom Culture
Chapter Eleven - The Process of Entering the Kingdom
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If Jesus Christ, who was God in the esh, had to submit
to the authority He established, who are we to think that
we don’t? Our protection is submission to Kingdom
authority, positioning ourselves in alignment to the Word
and will of the King.

Jesus’ decision to position Himself by being baptized by
John was obviously the right decision, as is borne out by
what happened next:

(Matthew 3:16-17).

Remember, righteousness is pleasing to God, and
righteousness means positioning ourselves under His

Righteous positioning, which is based on obedience, is so
important that it is the standard of measure in the Kingdom
of God. So important, in fact, as to prompt Jesus to issue
this warning:

(Matthew 5:19-20).

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