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Coca-Cola Paper F-15

Build an easy paper jet model with your hands, a pair of
scissors, two rulers and some glue

Chec! your handiwor! s!ills 

Challenge a child to "uild it 

#nce "uilt, $y it 

Assem"le one as a gift for someone 

Print page % on sheet 1, page & and 'opposite &( on each side of sheet ) and
page 1* on sheet +. Cut out the parts, fold along the lines shaping the pieces

and stic! with glue. he plane is "alanced and should $y with minoraerodynamic adjustments.

he whole process from assem"ly to $ying is detailed in this document.

Coca-Cola was created in 1%%, and it has "ecame the most recognied
"rand worldwide. From the standpoint of engineering, Coca-Cola de/eloped
the "ottling, glass, card"oard, sheet metal, water puri0cation, refrigerators
and transportation industries. n many parts of the world it had to implement
these industries from scratch, then helping local economies.

Coca-Cola, than!s for all those e2tra wor!ing hours late at night.



3ow to "uild it444444...+

Airplane Parts44444......%

Airplane tand44444...11

6ote a"out printing Parts...4.7


3ow to $y it4444..44...)5

Copyright 6otice
All rights reser/ed. 6o part of this document may "e reproduced or transmitted in any
form or "y any means, electronic or mechanical. Any unauthoried use, sharing,
reproduction, or distri"ution of parts herein is strictly prohi"ited.

8egal 6otice
9hile attempts ha/e "een made to /erify the correctness and relia"ility of the
information pro/ided in this document, the author does not assume any responsi"ility
for errors, omissions, or contradictory information contained in this pu"lication.

he reader of this "oo! assumes all responsi"ility and lia"ility for the use of the
information and materials descri"ed in it, :such as glue or scissors;.


Page 16

+.5 .1 .)


.+ . .5

. .7 .%

.& .1* .11


5.) 5.+


Page 17


5.5 .1


.) .+ .


.5 . .7



.% .& .1*



7.) 7.+


Page 31

n case of slight corrections in direction, you can use the rudders.
Adjust them /ery gently.

Correct left turns "y
de$ecting the rudders right

lipped $ight has poor a glide ratio. he airplane somehow $ies
sideways and "an!s a little. he tails and wings might not "e
correctly adjusted.

Flight path

Correct right turns "y
de$ecting the rudders left.

Flight path

8eft slip< tails steering right,

wings steering left.

Might slip< ails steering

left, wings steering right.

Correct left slip "y mo/ing the
rudders to the left and
ailerons steering right.

Correct right slip "y mo/ing
the rudders to the right and
ailerons steering left.


Page 32

5 Ad/anced Flight


8ower the leading edge
$aps a little.

#nce you ha/e cali"rated the glide path in pitch and direction, you can
try dierent airplane performances.

he airplane will
pitch downwards.
o re/erse this,
raise the ele/ators
a little.


he airplane will $y more

8ower the $aps
and the 8L $aps
a little more.

he aircraft will $y slower.

Compensate the
downward pitch, "y
raising the ele/ators
if needed.


8ower the $aps

he aircraft will $y more slowly with a shorter glide path.

pitch "y
raising the


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