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by Monte Cunningham

A 20 Point Self Healing Program

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Praise for the

Stressaway Acupressure Program

C. Norman Shealy, M.D.,Ph.D, Author, “I
highly recommend the Stressaway Acupres-
sure Kit to all my clients for better health and
to increase their healing self-awareness. I
use it myself and my body loves it”

Naomi Wyatt, Asheville, NC, ”I got more re-
lief in 10 minutes with these tools than I did
from a year of physical therapy 3 times a
week for a car injury to my neck.”

Dr Ralph Alan Dale, Acupuncturist Miami FL,
“The Stressaway massager can effectively
stimulate acupressure points safely and
easily, and when used properly, has proven
helpful for hundreds of conditions.”

Beverly Richardson, Danneville, IL, “I have
spent $16,000 on my back problems and
been off work for 5 months. 95% of my pain
was gone in just a few minutes, using this
product. Unbelievable.”

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T5 The width of two
thumbs above the most
prominent crease of the
upper wrist, in line with the

middle finger. On the outside of the forearm.

UB11 1.5 BI from the spine
midline, 1 BI below a line
level with the top of the
shoulder blades. Easily
stimulated with the Back-

UB17 1.5 BI from the spine midline, along
an imaginary line drawn between the bot-
toms of the shoulder blades (scapula). Eas-
ily stimulated with the Back-eze.

UB54 In the center of the
crease at the rear of the knee,
between the two ligaments.
Do not use this point if you
have varicose veins.

UB60 In the hollow (or val-
ley) behind the crown of the
outer ankle.


Upper St36 C12
Lower Li4 Sp6 C6 St36
Ankle UB60
Anus C6,12 Li4 SP6
Arms Li4,11 P6 Lu5
Back G26 St36 UB54,60
Mid Back Sp21
Bladder St36 Sp6 C6
Blood Li4 Sp6 St36 UB17
Bones St36 UB11
Bowels Li4 Sp6
Brain C6 Li4 Lv3 GB20
Breast C17 GB21 Sp6 Lv3
Buttocks UB54
Cheeks Li4,11 St36
Chest C17 St36 P6 Lu7
Coccyx UB54
Colon Li4 Sp6 C6
Ear T5 Li4,11
Elbow GB21,34 Li4,11 St36
Esophagus Li4,11 P6 UB17
Eyes GB20 Li4,11 P6 St36
Face G26 Li4,11 St36
Fallopian Tubes C6 Sp6
C6,17 H7 Lv3 St36 GB34
Fingers Li4 T5
Feet Sp6 St36 UB60
Forehead Li4
Gall Bladder

GB34 St36 C12 P6
Genito-Urinary System
Lv3 Sp6 C6
Grief C6,12,17 Li11
P6 GB20,21 St36
Gums Li4,11 St36
Hair GB20 Li4,11
Sp6 St36 UB54
Hands GB21 T5 Li4,11 P6
Head Li4
Heart H7 P6
Hips UB60 UB54
Intestines C12 Li4 Sp6 St36
Jaw GB20 Li4 St36
Kidneys Sp6 St36 UB54
Knees GB34 St36 UB54,60
Leg GB34 UB54,60 Sp6
Limbs (pain or weakness)
Liver Lv3 C12 St36
Lv3 GB34 UB54 G26
Li4 P6 Lu5,7 UB11 St36
Mouth G26 Li4,11 St36
Muscles Sp6 UB54 GB34
Neck GB20,21 Li4,11 Lu7
Nervous System Lv3
Nose G26 GB20,21 Li4,11
Ovaries Li11 Sp6
C6 Lv3 St36
Pancreas P6 St36 C12 UB17
Pelvis C6,12 GB34
Li11 Sp6 St36

Index of Body Points and Ailments

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Penis Sp6 C6
Pharynx (throat) Li4 Lu5 P6
Pubis C6 Sp6
Rectum Li4 Sp6 St36
Respiratory System GB20
Li4,11 Lu5 T5 P6
Sexual Organs C6 Sp6
Shoulders GB20,21 Li4,11
Li4,11 Sp6 St36 UB17,54
Cervical (Neck) Lu7
Thoracic (Upper back)
Lumbar & Sacral (Lower)
Spleen Sp6 P6 C12 St36
Stomach St36 C12 Sp6 P6
Teeth G26 Li4,11 P6 St36
Testicles C6 Sp6 St36
Thigh UB54
Throat P6 UB54 Li4 Lu5
Toes UB60
Tongue G26 H7 Li4,11
Tonsils GB20 P6
Li4,Li11 UB54
Trachea (windpipe)
C17 Li4 Lu7
Ureter Sp6 C6
Urethra St36 Sp6 C6
Uterus Sp6 C6 UB54
Vagina Sp6 C6
Wrist Li4 Lu7 T5


Abdominal pain C12
G26 Sp6 C6 Li4 St36
Acne Lv3 UB17
Li11 P6 Sp6 St36
Addictions C17 GB20
Li4 Lv3 P6 Sp6 St36
(To decrease desire and
support nervous system)
Food GB34
Tobacco Lu7
Alcohol Lv3
Drugs Lv3
Allergies UB17
Li4,Li11 St36 Sp6
H7 Lv3 P6 St36 Lu7
Anger C6,12,17
Lv3 P6 Sp6 St36
Anxiety C17 H7 St36
Appetite C12 Sp6 H7 St36
(Deficient or Excessive)
Arteriosclerosis GB20,21
UB17 St36 Li4,11 SP6 H7
Arthritis GB20 P6 T5
UB11,60 Li4,11 St36 SP6
(See part of body affected)
Asthma C17 GB20 Li4
Lu5,7 St36 T5 P6 UB11,17
Back pain G26 St36 UB54,60
Cervical GB20,21 Li4,11 UB11
High GB21 Li11
Mid GB34 UB11,17

Bleeding and Blood

UB17 St36 T5 Lv3 Sp6
Body energy Li4,11
Lv3 Sp6 St36
Breathing difficulty
P6 St36 UB17 Li4 C17
Bronchitis P6 Lu5 St36
UB11 H7 C17 Li4
Shoulder Lu5 Li 11
Knee Lu5 UB60
Cerebral Palsy C12 G26 P6
GB20,21 H7 Li4,11 St36
Childbirth Li4 Sp6
(Do not stimulate
Points during pregnancy)
Cholera Li4,11 C12
St36 P6 Lu5 UB54
Coccyx UB54
Cold, Common GB20
Sp6 Li4,11 St36 Lu7
Colitis C6 St36 Li4 UB54
Li4 G26 P6 H7 St36 C6
Coma C6 G26 Li4 P6 St36
Concussion Li4 Lu7
Conjunctivitis Li4
Constipation St36 SP6
C12 C6 Li4 Li11
Convulsions Li4,11 G26
GB20 H7 UB54 Lu5
Cough GB20,21 St36
Lu5,7 P6 Li4,11 C6,12
Cramp GB20 Li4 Lv3 St36
Foot Lv3
Calf UB54 Sp6

Menstrual Sp6 C6
Writer's cramp
Li4,11 T5 Li 11 L7
Cystitis GB26 St36 C6 Sp6
Deafness GB20
Li4,11 T5 St36
Deficiency of energy
C6 St36
Depression Lv3 P6
St36 C6,12 G26 H7
Diabetes Sp6 St36
C12 P6 UB17 G26
Diarrhea Sp6 St36
P6 Li11 C6,12
Digestive disturbances
Sp6 St36 P6 Li4 C12
GB20 T5 C12 St36 Li4
(Excessive nightmares)
Li4 C12 H7 St36
G26 Li4 P6 Sp6 St36
Dysentery Li4,11 Sp6
C6,12 St36
Dysmenorrhea C6,12
GB26 P6 Sp6 St36
(Difficult or painful
Dysuria (Painful Urination)
C6 Sp6
Ear infections (Otitis)
Li4,11 T5 St36
Eczema Li4,11 St36
Sp6 UB17,54
Edema C6 Lu5

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Page 38 Page 39
Tools and books are conveniently pack-

aged as follows:

The Acu-KI Set
contains the basic intro-
ductory book and Acu-
Ki tool. 10% off individu-
al price until 1/1/14 $22
Price (shipping includ-

The AcuPressure
Kit contains the Hap-
py Feet, Stressaway
and Acu-Ki tools and 2
books containing points
for treating over 200
conditions. 15% off indi-
vidual price until 1/1/14

$61.95 (shipping Included).

Help us document your success. The
Acu-Ki Institute focuses their research on
300 different conditions and asks you to try

the acupressure on yourself and tell us how
it works for you. The study you can be a part
of will give us an indication of how success-
ful you are by using acupressure on your
own symptoms on a long-term basis. You
can join the research for free. Just go to our
web site and join. Thanks.

The mission of our Acupressure coop is
to improve the health of our community and
reduce our current medical costs by offering
a full program of acupressure for self-heal-
ing. This includes program development
and expansion, marketing, education, job
opportunities, research, and tool develop-
ment. If you are interested in these goals
and would like to join our coop contact us at

Stressaway Acupressure
Monte Cunningham
1265 W. Coy Dr
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Ph: 888-853-0646

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Acupressure can have a profound effect on your
health. The author teaches you methods for self-
healing including how to use your ears, hands,
feet and regular acupressure points for healing:
and how to use the Stressaway Acupressure tool

• 20 Primary acupressure points for over
250 symptoms and parts of the body.

• Points Selected from over 350 teachers
• Great format for campers and people on

the move
• Reduce your medical costs

Our studies show most of our users are pain free
in just a few minutes. Thousands are getting re-
lief. Research and testimonials all say the same
thing. This works!

Monte Cunningham has
developed a unique power-
ful system of acupressure
that has helped thousands
of people heal themselves.


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