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participants integrated technology to delivery curriculum. For examples, Bob used twitter

and newsfeeds to share and gain ideas about democracy and democratic citizenship. The

uses of social medias enabled him to filter and develop ideas about democratic

citizenship education from various sources as well.

Next, Childers highlighted the advantages of working within a diverse

classroom for formulating ideas. Working with the diverse classroom helped to

acknowledge ideas of kids and expanded ideas as well. He discussed about cultures and

provided reasons for learning about other cultures as an appreciation and respect for all.

The following explanation presents a picture of his practice in developing ideas,

I have learned to take lot of my ideas about democracy and democratic

citizenship. I really try to adopt the kids’ ideas…adopt democratic citizenship

education to the needs and the interest to the students…work actively within

diverse classrooms. You know students’ come from different backgrounds.

For example, one of the participant admitted that the concept of ideas is complex and

considered of regional differences, cultural differences, and politically different ideas.

Furthermore, the participant remarked:

That is a difficult question. How? It is just the idea of we want the rights of the

people. However, how do you do that in a country where we have regional

differences when we have cultural differences, or we have different parties and

we have different ideas. How do you bring? We need to be fair with everybody

although our rights and needs are differences.

Developing ideas is not a singular mode of thoughts. It is contextual and they are formed

overtime of the continuous experiences of the themes that the majority of the participants

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