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Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine
University of Edinburgh

A Guide to Live Weight Estimation

Body Condition Scoring of Donkeys

By R. Anne Pearson and Mohammed Ouassat

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Body Condition Score 4 - Less Than Moderate

Less than moderate

Vertebral column visible; pins (tuber
ischii) can be felt but not visible;
hooks (tuber coxae) rounded but
visible; rump flat rather than concave;
ribs can be felt but not obvious;
withers, shoulders and neck have
some muscle and fat cover; shoulder
blades less clearly defined.

Illustrations of Body Condition 8.

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Body Condition Score 5 - Moderate


Superspinous muscles developed and readily
apparent; vertebral column can be felt;
hooks (tuber coxae) rounded; rump
rounded, convex; pins (tuber ischii) not
visible; some fat can be felt in shoulder area
region and at base of neck; can feel ribs, but
not visible.

Illustrations of Body Condition 9.

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Estimation of Live Weight 20.

Using one body measurement

Tips when measuring a donkey

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Estimation of live weight of fat donkeys
It is recommended when estimating the live weight of donkeys that are doing
little work and that have a body condition score of seven or over that the
following equation is used to estimate live weight from the height at the
withers and the heart girth.:

Live weight (kg) = (heart girth [cm]2.575) x (height [cm]0.240)/3968 (Svendsen, 1997)


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International Livestock Centre for Africa, P.O. Box 5689, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Pearson, R.A. and Ouassat, M. 1996. Estimation of the live weight and body condition of
working donkeys in Morocco. The Veterinary Record 138, 229-233.

Svendsen, E.D. 1997. The Professional Handbook of the Donkey. 3rd Edition, Whittet Books,
Ltd, London.

Tips 21.

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