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This booklet provides basic information to help the individual citizen take proper actions for

survival, and avoid the most serious mistakes, in the immediate moments after the release of

radioactive or toxic agents. A case is also made that suggested actions and information – such as

immediate responses, appropriate sheltering and stocking of provisions -- will also prepare for

survival from natural disasters, as well as from radiological, chemical and biological agents.

Appendix C should be read carefully. It includes facts indicating the particular urgency for all

citizens to understand and learn minimum actions in this booklet for saving the vast majority of

lives in the event of attacks or events releasing radioactive materials. During the past year, you

have all heard on the news about the increasing threats to our nation. Those who vow “Death to

America” are getting closer to obtaining nuclear weapons, and already possess and can disperse

chemical and biological weapons, despite all of our sanctions and negotiations. The ways that those

who despise us can obtain nuclear or radioactive materials are described further in my book, by

Allen Brodsky, Actions for Survival: Saving Lives in the Immediate Hours after Release of

Radioactive or Other Toxic Agents, published by MJR Publications, Baltimore, MD, 2011. This

book is referenced in the list of references at the end of this booklet as Brodsky (2011). A minimum

of listed at the end of this booklet in alphabetic order by author, and by date, to

provide readers who want to check author qualifications and facts supporting the

recommendations in this booklet. I apologize for referencing my own books, but it is the easiest way

for me to back up and document my facts, and also introduce interested readers to the vast

literature on this subject.

Brodsky (2011) also has more detailed information useful for responders and scientists who

arrive on the scene to assist in longer-term protection of the public, and the clean-up of areas for

permanent residence.

"A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for
them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the
consequences." - Proverbs 22:3

(Adapted from Shane Connor (2013)

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