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The Embouchure is the position of the lips and teeth around the

mouthpiece. Here is a brief description of the basics, which

you can try out on the mouthpiece alone.

Drop the jaw and gently draw the red part of the lower lip over

the teeth.

Insert the mouthpiece so that the upper teeth rest gently on top,


1cm from the tip. Take a deep breath.

Close the lips to form a ring of pressure around the mouth-

piece, smile and blow!


1. Do not puff out the cheeks.

2. Do not bite.


When playing, always stand or sit in an upright position. Apart

from looking good, it helps the breathing process. Always let

the sling take the weight of the instrument and make sure it is

adjusted to a comfortable height. Never bring your head to-

wards the saxophone, always bring the saxophone towards

your head. See the end of this booklet for suitable slings.

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Reeds - Vandoren or Rico

Pull Throughs - Hodge or Vandoren

Pad Savers - HW or Opticare

Cases - Bam, Jupiter or Aquae Sulis

Saxophone Ligatures - Vandoren or Rovner

Strap - Neotech or BG

Metronome - Seiko or Wittner

Saxophone Mouthpiece - Vandoren or Yamaha

Music Stand - K&M

Corkgrease - Superslick or Vandoren

Saxophone Stand - K&M or Packastand

Tuner - Korg or Seiko

Saxophone Cap

Soundback Acoustic Monitor

In fact there are a bewildering array of items you can get - but if you do

need any of these items, click on them….. We’ve tried to make the site

as user friendly as possible (See “User’s Guide”). Please phone us if

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