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Checking off the boxes in your log, however, isn't just to record your
progress. Its a goal - a challenge.  Every day, find some time in the day to
set a 5-minute timer. Most smart phones have a timer built in or, you can
use  Anyone, no matter the circumstances,
can manage 5-minutes of handstand training for the day.  If you are too
tired to train on some days, you can even sit and meditate about
handstands for 5-minutes.  You just want to get into the habit of having
handstands be an integral part of your life.

To create this level of consistency, you can latch your training to an
anchor event. An anchor event is an event that must happen in your daily
routine.  Something like having breakfast, waking up, or going to bed.  For
example, you may practice handstands every day before breakfast; maybe
every day after getting home from work; maybe every day after dinner; or
maybe you work on your handstands as the last thing in the day, just so that
you get it done.  Put a reminder near something related to the action event -
like a sticky note on your refrigerator, headboard or bathroom mirror so
that you remember to do your workout at the time you planned.   Again,
don’t worry about working the whole 5 minutes, but just set aside 5 minutes
every day. The goal is to make handstand practice a habit.  The limiting
factor in the handstand is not building strength, but staying consistent.

Evaluate Your Current Ability
The 15-Second Handstand  (15SH) progression consists of six major

milestones.  The first two can usually be completed within the first 28 days.  
All six have taken as little at 40 days, but may take a few months depending
on your unique situation.  The first two milestones include: 

1. 60-Second Inclined Wall Plank
2. 60-Second Wall Handstand


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