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ruce Petros has been building guitars
since 1972. His son Matthew subse-
quently came aboard and has been

building since 2000. The father and son
team strive to squeeze out every possible
bit of tone through inspirational,
innovative and non-conventional thinking
and techniques. Bruce and Matt create
approximately 30 guitars per year.

The Petros Jumbo is the newest model in
the Petros line and is their largest design to
date. The body style is also used for their
new Baritone guitar.

The instrument pictured is the Jumbo
“Applecreek” model. The guitar is made of
master grade Indian rosewood and sitka
spruce. Other features include wood bind-
ing, matching wood tuner buttons and top-
of-the-line Gotoh tuners. The guitar also
has a bone nut and a fully compensated
bone saddle. Other woods and features
such as inlays, cutaways, etc. are also

Body length 20-1/2 in
Lower bout 16-5/8 in
Upper bout 11-1/2 in
Depth 4-5/8 in
Scale length 25 in

Base price - $8,800.00

For more information:
Petros Guitars
345 County Rd. CE
Kaukauna, WI 54130 USA
(920) 766-1295
[email protected]





By Bill Piburn


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