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This is to certify that this project report on "HALF WAVE

RECTIFIER" is a bonafide record of work done by Arundhathy

Krishna for the requirements of AISCCE Practical examination 2013-


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Hence we conclude that when the input voltage is going through its positive half

cycle, output voltage is almost the same as the input voltage and during the

negative half cycle no voltage is available across the load. This explains the

unidirectional pulsating dc waveform obtained as output. The process of removing

one half the input signal to establish a dc level is aptly called half wave


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Connections are made as shown in the circuit diagram. D is a diode. C is a 1000 µF

elctrolytic condenser. C'' is a 0.1 µF condenser. RL

output is obtained across RL.

To find the ripple factor (r) with filter circuit

The ac output voltage Vac is measured by an ac voltmeter or by a millimeter. The

dc output voltage is also measured. The ripple factor is calculated by the equation

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Reference Data for Radio Engineers


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