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Creative Fusion - Kiko Loureiro

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Creative Fusion - Kiko Loureiro


Method By: John McCarthy

Adapted By: Jim Rutkowski
Supervising Editor: John McCarthy

Music Transcribing & Engraving: Jim Rutkowski & Ailton Junior
Production Manager: Anna-Lisa Tedeschi

Layout, Graphics & Design: Jim Rutkowski
Photography: Rodney Dabney
Copy Editors & Proofreaders:
Cathy McCarthy, Alex Palombo

Cover Art Direction & Design:
Paul Enea, Tovero & Marks

Produced by The Rock House Method®

© 2009 Fred Russell Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved

Creative Fusion

Kiko Loureiro

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Creative Fusion - Kiko LoureiroLesson 14

Combining 3 Arpeggios
“A” Aeolian

The Three Arpeggios

The “A” Aeolian Mode


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Creative Fusion - Kiko Loureiro


All Three Arpeggios Combined

Aeolian Phrase

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Creative Fusion - Kiko Loureiro

That concludes the Rock House Creative Fusion program. I
hope you have learned a lot of the essential tools needed to be-
come a great Fusion guitar player. Take all of the lessons and
ideas in this program and experiment, be creative and most of
all, begin to create your own signature guitar style. Also, remem-
ber you can always contact our master instructors on the Rock
House web site at . I hope to see
you on stage some day!

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Creative Fusion - Kiko Loureiro

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