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IELTS General Training Reading

Read the passage on Daybreak trips by coach and look at the statements below.

On your answer sheet write :

TRUE - if the statement is true
FALSE - if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN - if the information is not given in the leaflet

1. Millers Coaches owns Cambridge's Cambus fleet.
2. Premier is an older company than Millers.
3. Most of the Daybreak coaches are less than 5 years old.
4. Daybreak fares are more expensive than most of their competitors.
5. Soft drinks and refreshments are served on most longer journeys.
6. Smoking is permitted at the rear of the coach on longer journeys.
7. Tickets must be bought in advance from an authorised Daybreak
8. Tickets and seats can be reserved by phoning the Daybreak
9. Daybreak passengers must join their coach at Cambridge
Drummer Street.
10. Daybreak cannot guarantee return times.


Welcome to our Spring Daybreak programme which continues the tradition of offering unbeatable
value for money daytrips and tours. All the excursions in this brochure will be operated by Premie
r Travel Services Limited or Millers Coaches; both companies are part of the CHL Group, owners of
Cambridge's Cambus fleet.

Premier was established in 1936; the Company now offers the highest standards of coaching in to
day's competitive operating environment. Millers has an enviable reputation stretching back over
the past 20 years, offering value for money coach services at realistic prices. We've travelled a lo
ng way since our early days of pre-war seaside trips. Now our fleet of 50 modern coaches (few ar
e more than five years old) operate throughout Britain and Europe but we're pleased still to maint
ain the high standards of quality and service, the trademark of our founders nearly sixty years ag

Admission inclusive fares
All Daybreak fares (unless specifically otherwise stated) include admission charges to the attracti
ons, shows and exhibits we visit. Many full day scenic tours are accompanied by a fully trained En
glish Tourist Board 'Blue Badge' guide or local experienced driver/guide. Some Daybreaks include
lunch or afternoon tea. Compare our admission inclusive fares and see how much you save. Chea
pest is not the best and value for money is guaranteed. If you compare our bargain Daybreak fare
s beware - most of our competitors do not offer an all inclusive fare.

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