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After an e7au/tive re/earer te re/earer a/ a point of vie* tat doumentary evidene are more

important and ave more 9udiial tan oral evidene. ;e annot deny te value of tem and relevany of 

tem ut doumentary prove to e very u/eful. ;en te term/ of a ontrat or of a 6rant or of any oter 

di/po/ition of property ave een redued to te form of a doument and in all a/e/ in *i any matter 

i/ re:uired y la* to e redued to te form of a doument no evidene /all e 6iven in proof of te

term/ of /u ontrat 6rant or oter di/po/ition of property or of /u matter e7ept te doument

it/elf or /eondary evidene of it/ ontent/ in a/e/ in *i /eondary evidene i/ admi//ile under te

 provi/ion/ erein efore ontained.


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