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Holy Water

Harald W. Tietze

The name Holv Water is translated from the ancient Indian word for urine
Shivambu (Shiva = Holy; Ambu = Water).

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This publication seeks to demonstrate the beneficial application of
Urine Therapy for various disorders of the human body, but it is
stressed that the contents of this book are in no way a substitute for
personal supervision by qualified professional medical personnel. The
contents of this publication are solely the opinion of the author-People
with health problems should consult their physician.

All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced without permission.
However, anyone may quote up to 400 words of this text (but not third party
sources), without specific permission, as long as proper credit is given.

Copyright 1996 Ham Id W. Tielzc

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Illustrations by: A Jones. P.O. Box 981. Nowra NSW 2541 Australia.

Printed in India by B. Jain Publishers at J.J. Offset Printers, New Dehli - 35 for and on
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ISBN 1876173 041

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The Quality of Your
Own Perfect Medicine

The quality of (he urine depends on the diet. A healthy kidney, bladder
and urinary tract is a contributing factor as well. The quality of the
urine changes by the minute. Urine has thousands of ingredients and
when using urine therapy one has to consider what part of the
medication you may betaking and which other components of your
diet are recycled in urine therapy. The most common use of urine is
to maintain health, and reports from western countries like
Germany show that with an intake of only 200 ml per day
(approximately one champagne glass) urine therapy works quite well
and no negative side effects with coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol and
allopathy are reported. For fighting severe illness with a very high
intake of urine, one definitely has to consider a perfect diet plan. Not
only should one have better urine with a better diet, since food is also
medicine, and a faulty diet is the main contributing factor of being ill in
the first place. There are many very good books written about 'we are
what we eat* and how to treat illness with a proper diet plan. You will
find some suggestions in the chapter 'Diseases and their Treatment
with Auto-Urine Therapy and Fasting for Health'.

What it is in the Super Juice - Urine?
Since the analysis changes with every person every minute, urine
samples are as different as fingerprints from different people. This
makes it difficult for science to understand why urine works. For me,
it is not important why it works, it is only important that it works and
the reason that I wrote this book is that I felt that I had to tell people
about this really wonderful free medicine. Scientists tried to extract
ingredients of urine but the only component without negative side
effects is urea. All the other extracts offered today as medications have
negative side effects even though they are in their natural balance, in
urine they have no negative side effects and in its holistic form it

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